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Author: DeekCiti Environments

Readme File:
IMPORTANT MAP NOTES FOR CITI ASSAULT: DeekCiti Environments ReadMe (Final Version Readme)


1. Fixed missing piece in allied floor when MG was destroyed.
2. Fixed Map Crashes with Separating Weapon files from main map IWD. Now using Gloabal IWD with weapon files.
3. Removed 18 Spawnpoints, 10 SD and 8 DOM, to try and fix the G_Spawn Entity Error. Hope that does it!
4. Added Global Fog Dvar (Darkens the map, cuts down on sniping) (Default = 0/off)
5. Did not add any more models or Furnish buildings to cut down on errors. Would not help map much anyways.


- For servers running "Extreme Mod" or any mod that can disable "turrets".
- This map needs the turrets ENABLED to play correctly.
- Else the map can crash when a wall or MG nest is blown up.

- For Extreme Mod users: Please disable the dvar in the mod that allows the Turrets to overheat.
- Else the map can crash when a wall or MG nest is blown up.

- Some gametypes might have spawning issues if the server allows "Switching Sides".
- Suggested "Switching Sides" is disabled for this map.
- This only causes problems for the breakables in the map, everything else has been addressed.
- The issue is, team spawns at the enemies base, EG: ( SD, SAB, KOTH, HTF ).
- The map isn't perfect but should work correctly otherwise.

- A Global cleaned IWD has been added. Make sure you read the Install Instructions in the IWD folder.

- USE! the "citi_assault.cfg" that came with the map. Use it as a tool to control the map!



- Map CFG file to control all Map Dvars for Servers
- Destructible MG's (Hints/Damage taken is Dvar Controlled)
- Destructible Walls (Hints/Damage taken is Dvar Controlled)
- Team Based Flare System ( Green = Allies / Red = Axis ) (Dvar Controlled)
- Drownable water (Dvar Controlled)
- Radioactive/Minefields Boundary System (Dvar Controlled)
- Team Based Spawning. "WAR" Gametype Spawning at relative Base. (Dvar Controlled)
- MG's (turrets) = MiniGun, SAW, RPD
- Ammo Pickups (Dvar Controlled)
- Weapon Pickups (Dvar Controlled)
- Rain FX (Dvar Controlled)
- Global Fog Dvar (Dvar Controlled)
- Desert, Woodland, Urban (Uniforms) Default = Woodland (Dvar Controlled)

This is a Team Based "BASE ASSAULT" Map. Have fun and Enjoy!
Please test all gametypes.
Report any Glitches, errors, bugs to

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