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Map Title : Super Mario World
Map Version : 1.00
Creator : jerkan
E-mail :

Date : April 2012

Game : Call of Duty 4

MOD: DeathRun

Map size: large



- This map is based on Super Mario Bros.
- 146 Custom textures and new Custom Sky made by me, made to look as original Super Mario game.
- 15 traps
- Map has a secret area, and things that players can find.
- Awsome ingame music and sound effects from the original game.
- Moving turtles. Jump on the turtle to kill and won XP.
- Pick up coin and won XP points.
- Find a green mushroom for extra life
- Find Star for double speed
- Find Jukebox and change ambient sound
- 3 ways to kill activator. Old, Sniper and rendom Weapons. (Jump into the picture to choose...)
- You must find the key to open the final door. (If you choose Old)
- and much more...

Enjoy and have fun

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