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AUSCAM Australian camouflage (standard) (MP skins)

this is my very first attempt at skinning for any game so go easy on me...

these skins turn the USMC into the Australian soldiers of the ADF wearing the standed issue green AUSCAM...

i have some AUSCAM desert mk2 in the works that should be ready to upload very soon aswell... and i will also be working on a V2 of these skins shortly to work out ne problems and to polish them off a bit...

Place the AUSCAM folder into your C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare/mods folder .... run cod4 select the AUSCAM mod from the mod list in the cod4 main menu start a local server and cheak them out... or you can run them on your server (sorry never done that b4 so i dont know how but i know it can be done)


i have yet to test these skins on a online server yet they work fine on a local server.

Created by Rockyrhodes AKA Slay3r

If you wish to use these skins or wish to contact me you can reach me through


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