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Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare


Skinner- DeekCiti
Date Created- 2.24.08
File Format- .iwd
Packed- .zip
Version- 1.0

- This is a Skinpack that includes 5 different versions of the M4. Included are 5 differnt kinds of Camouflage variations for the M4 in Desert Conditions.

- Sample Pictures are also included in this pack, that show up while Choosing your Weapon Loadout in Muliplayer for all 5 skins.

- Version 2 of this pack will include all 3 attachments for the M4 with the correct Camouflage variation. Although this is a large pack, Version 2 will be cut to the most popular Camouflage variations, if any.


1. Unzip with Winrar/Winzip or any packing tool, extract the skin of your choice included in the zip.

2. Copy/Paste the .iwd/skin of your choice and place in CProgram Files...Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfaremain or in your favorite mods folder, prividing that server is Un-pure or is hosting the file.

3. Remove any older Versions.

4. Ready to go.

NOTE: These skins work in both Single and Multiplayer, but in Multiplayer, the Server either has to be hosting the skin, or the server must be un-pure to be able to see your skins in game.


Remove/Delete the files you added.

Skins Included in .zip

1. z_DC_M4_Cheetah.v1.0.iwd
2. z_DC_M4_Desert1.v1.0.iwd
3. z_DC_M4_Desert2.v1.0.iwd
4. z_DC_M4_Digital_Desert1.v1.0.iwd
5. z_DC_M4_Digital_Desert2.v1.0.iwd

Legal Stuff

Please DO NOT rip this file and call it your own, if you do, I will know it... considering I use all custom textures. If your going to share it with someone and need to extract the contents of the .iwd and place them else-where, I need to know about it.

Please do not PM me, email me at homeral2010 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com if you have any questions.

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