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Fearless's CoD4 Crazy SP Weapons Mod V2 By Fearless

This is a second version of my Fearless's Crazy SP Weapons Mod aimed at enhanceing the totaly UN-realistic experience of the game.

Changes from version 1:

The Frag Grenades in this version are impact detonating, have a smaller explosion radius, and the projectile speed has been slowed by half.

Zoom amounts have been decreased. They are still more than stock, but much less than before.

The M203's and the gp25 rifle grenades have a smaller explosion radius than before.

The clip sizes have been increased to 175 for most rifles to help compensate for the faster fire rates although the rates are the same as version 1.

Amounts for the C4 and Claymores has been increased to 20.

The Seaknight MarK 19 has a much smaller explosion radius than before.


P.S. The mod is NOT intended to be realistic in any way!!! It was originally for my own entertainment when I felt like kicking some butt.


- Create a new folder in your C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern WarfareMods folder. Name it FearlessCrazyWeapons (for example)

For Steam users the file location is:C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamAppscommoncall of duty 4Mods.

- Unpack the archive to the new folder.

- To launch the game, create shortcut of your iw3sp.exe on the Desktop, right click on it and choose Properties from the menu. Add the following to the end of the existing text: +set fs_game mods/FearlessCrazyWeapons.

Where "FearlessCrazyWeapons" is a name of the folder, which you created.

Start your CoD4 from this shortcut and enjoy.


Highlight the zzzz_Fearless_CoD4_Crazy_SP_Weapons_zzz_V2.iwd in your CoD4 main folder.
Press Delete key.


This Fearless's Crazy SP Weapons Mod is distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This mod is not an official mod or tool. The use of Fearless's Crazy SP Weapons Mods(in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk.

Share it with whomever you want, Just give me credit.

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