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* 1x - 34x zoom (time between 1 zoom to the next has been incerased but not too much so that you zoom in too far at once)
* 1a uses USE key to zoom in a loop
* 1b uses MELEE to zoom in and FRAG to zoom out
* Improved sniper weapons, no sway scope & improved power. (now same in both versions as there was about a half second - a second delay on 1a)
* Changed the word projectile to bullet in all weapon files so headshots now show up as headshots not some stupid grenade, (why it was projectile i dont know lol)

FEATURES THAT MIGHT BE IN NEXT VERSION (when i work out how and when i get time get time)

* Gold desert eagle to have a scope, with a fixed zoom of 8x (this has already been started and works i just havent changed the model yet)
* Custom camo skins that can be changed for differant types of map (no good having a green or black sniper rifle when the map is full of snow ect ect)
* Shot details to show up on screen somewhere ( ie headshot ect and from how far)

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