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Author: crazyankles

Readme File:
Beta testers: Special ed Forces, ElKabong, Zeal, Redrock, Henk, Brasje

Tools used: packscape, photoshop, notepad, paint, iw mod tools

Default loadout:

2-tone desert eagle - replaces silver desert eagle
at4 rocket launcher - replaces rpg
mp5 silencer/red dot sight - replaces mp5-red dot sight
m4 m203/eotech - replaces m4-grenade launcher
m21 sniper silenced/ghilled camo - replaces m21-no attachments
g3 automatic - replaces g3-no attachments
m1014 slug shotgun - replaces m1014-grip, red dot sight, and no attachment
m4 aimpoint - replaces m4-red dot sight
g36c aimpoint - replaces g36c-red dot sight
p90 silencer/red dot sight - replaces p90-red dot sight

Optional loadout:

m4 m203/acog - replaces m4-grenade launcher - optional
m16 m203/acog - replaces m16-grenade launcher - optional
m4 m203/silencer/red dot sight - replaces m4-grenade launcher - optional

**NOTE** To get the full detailed effect of the weapon scopes/sights turn specular map to "Yes" in Options/Graphics...

Version 1.4

- added m4 aimpoint sp weapon
- added g36c aimpoint sp weapon
- added p90 silencer/red dot sight sp weapon
- removed unused bone tags
- fixed at4 soundalias errors


- infinity ward for their great game and mod tools source files
- eXtreme+ x4 crew for there great mod
- zeroy who's inspiration from his m21 sniper mod led me to create this

Additional Info & Credits:

- All weapon files, models, images, etc. were modified by myself, from infinity ward's original files, and used to make this mod


- This mod was tested on Windows XP, modern warfare patch v1.5 only; including all versions of eXtreme+ v1.0


- Read the included installation.txt

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