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Author: Bjusterbaarlik

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Features
3. New Gametypes
4. Notes
5. Installation
6. CVARs
7. Contact
8. Credits

1. Introduction

Here it is! BJustReal (BJR) Realism 4.0 is a multiplayer realism mod for the modern first person shooter Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare! This mod is also available for Call of Duty 2 & Call of Duty: United Offensive.

This new installment of BJR is based and built on the ModWarfare mod made by IW. This means that almost all the customization options ModWarfare are also present in BJR. This, in turn, means that there is more customization than ever before seen in BJR. I would advise everyone to thoroughly read the readme, since this mod changes a lot of things in the game. This mod's aim is to bring (tactical) realism to CoD4.

More information can be found at

I hope that everyone likes the mod as much as I liked creating it. Any feedback is welcome, look in the "contact" section of this readme to see where you can relieve yourself of your feedback. If you want to see how the mod works, I suggest you stop by in our server:
-={AA}=- Realism


2. Features

New Gametypes
- Officer

Weapon Characteristics
- Corrected the ROF for the M16, AK-47, M4, MP44, Mini-Uzi, AKS-74u, P90, M249 SAW, RPD, M60E4 and all the semi-automatic weapons.
- Changed most of the weapon names to be more accurate.
- Changed the weight, handling and movementspeed accordingly for all weapons.
- Fixed locational damage for all weapons.
- Changed optimal ranges for all weapons.
- Modified the accuracy of all weapons. No more spraying, unless you don't want to hit your enemy.
- Modified ADS accuracy of weapons, the SMG's and pistols cannot be used as snipers anymore.
- Increased weapon sway effect.
- Bolt-action snipers can not rechamber while ADS.
- Disabled the ability to go ADS while in mid-air.
- Slightly reduced the throwing distance of grenades.
- Customizable weapon zoom.
- New Red Dot Sight for the G36C.

- Perk 1 renamed to "Equipment".
- Perk 2 renamed to "Weapon Speciality".
- Perk 3 renamed to "Special Ability".
- "Juggernaut" changed to "Armour Vest", now has 100% more body protection instead of 75% extra health.
- "Sonic Boom" renamed to "HE Charges".
- "Double Tap" renamed to "Improved Gun Barrel & Receiver".
- "Bandolier" renamed to "Extra Ammunition".
- "Stopping Power" renamed to "Hollow Point (JHP) Ammo".
- "Deep Impact" renamed to "Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo" and moved to Weapon Specialty.
- "Sleight of Hand" removed.

Uniforms & Appearances
- Updated _teams.gsc file so players will have the correct appearance in custom maps.

- New ragdoll effects.

- Message center, can hold 10 messages.
- Next map messages.
- Welcome messages.

- Names above the enemies can be disabled.
- Names above your teammates can be disabled.
- Hit Icon can be disabled.
- Dogtags on scoreboard can be disabled.
- All objective icons can be disabled.
- Crosshairs when using turrets can be disabled.
- New night vision goggles.

Damage handling
- Weapon drops when hit in hand.
- Weapon drops when hit in the arms.
- Players fall over when hit in their feet and will no longer be able to sprint.
- Players fall over when hit in their lower legs and will no longer be able to sprint.
- Players will fall over when hit by an explosion.
- Realistic fall damage.
- View shifts when hit.
- After taking too much fall damage, players might not be able to sprint and/or jump anymore.

Health Regeneration
- Realistic effects when severely wounded.
- Health Regeneration can be turned off completely.
- The amount of time needed to regenerate health is customizable.
- Other players can now hear you moan and grunt when you are wounded.

- Amount of kills needed to get the UAV is customizable.
- Amount of kills needed to get the Airstrike is customizable.
- Amount of kills needed to get the Helicopter is customizable.
- The player who destroys a helicopter will be awarded with 40 points and his teammates with 10 points each.
- Players now have to wait a few seconds to get their hardpoint reward.

- Realistic pain sounds.
- Realistic death sounds.

- Obituaries can be turned off.
- Teamkill obituaries can be turned on when all other obituaries are off.
- Optional message which tells a player by who he was killed if the obituaries are off.

Spawn Protection
- Spawn protection.
- Customizable spawn protection time.

Client Settings
- Jumping can be disabled.
- Sprinting can be disabled.
- Third Person spectating.
- Auto-downloading can be forced on.

- New (edited) main menu.
- Mod logo.
- Longer shellshock times.
- Changed FFA Spawn Logic, so players will spawn further away from each other.
- Ultra stupid bots used for testing. (Accessed with the cvar: scr_testclients.)

Sabotage Specific
- The plant/defuse sounds can be disabled.
- The 'Kill' icon above the bomb carrier's head can be disabled.

Search & Destroy Specific
- The plant/defuse sounds can be disabled.
- Players can be awarded 10 points for staying alive in a round.

3. New Gametypes

In this teambased gametype, players will have to kill the other team's officer while protecting their own. Every team's officer is randomly chosen from the available players in that team. Whenever a team kills the enemy officer, they will be rewarded with a team point. The team with the highest score will win after the timelimit or scorelimit is reached.

The officer only has a golden Desert Eagle and is not able to pick up other weapons. The officer of a team is indicated with his team icon next to his name on the scoreboard. The officer is also visible on the UAV with a special icon to both friendly and enemy forces.

Being an officer is never boring. The officer will gain access to a UAV after 3 minutes of staying alive. After 5 minutes of survival, the officer will be able to drop an airstrike anywhere in the map. After that, the officer has to wait before he can use an airstrike again. The cooldown timer is set on 3 minutes by default (this is customizable). There is also an option of giving the officer unlimited UAV access.

Scoring goes as follows: Whenever a player kills the enemy officer, he will be awarded 50 points. Whenever a player protects his own officer, he will be awarded 30 points. For every minute the officer manages to stay alive, he will get 20 points.

This gametype uses the TDM spawns and is compatible with every map that has Team Deathmatch compatibility.

This gametype is based on the CoD2 VIP gametype by La Truffe and has been remade from scratch to work with CoD4.

4. Notes

- Third Person Spectating:
When enabled, players can switch between first person and third person view by pressing the Use-key (default: F) while spectating.

5. Installation

This installation guide for BJR 4 is for server admins only. Clients only need to connect to a server running BJR and they will have all the necessary files downloaded to them automatically.

On to the instructions...

First off, you will need to create a new folder in the CoD4 'Mods' folder (next to 'ModWarfare'). In this example, the folder will be called 'bjustreal'.

This is your fs_game (mod) folder. Remember to keep everything in lower case, as it avoids several quirks about the root path to fs_game. After that, extract all the contents of the zip file into the mod folder. If you have done that correctly, you should have the following files in mods/bjustreal:

- zzz_BJR4.iwd
- mod.ff
- sample.cfg

Open and edit the sample.cfg file to your liking. (Most server admins know what to do with config files and might even just use their own and paste the BJR cvars in there, so I will not go into that any further.)

Once you have everything set up in the config file, edit your CoD4 command line and add the following:

+set fs_game mods/bjustreal

For example, a command line for a CoD4 server might look like this:

c:/cod4/iw3mp.exe" +set fs_game mods/bjustreal +exec sample.cfg +set dedicated 2

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have turned on auto-downloading and (optional) HTTP Redirection. Also, make sure that players are able to auto-download the mod. Otherwise, players will not be able to connect to your server.

After all this, all that remains is starting up your server and BJR should be running as intended. If there are more questions regarding this, don't hesitate to post on our forums. The link can be found in the 'Contact' section further down in this readme. Also, the following link contains a tutorial on how to create and set up an fs_game mod folder and using HTTP Redirect.

6. CVARs

For every cvar and a short description of their functionality, please refer to the sample.cfg file. These cvars can be copy/pasted into your server's config file.

7. Contact

The official site, complete with FAQs, features, cvars and so on is located at:

If there are any questions, issues, bugs to report or something else that is not mentioned on the site, you can post on our forums. The BJR forum is located at:

If you are really desperate, you can e-mail me at:
bjusterbaarlik [AT] gmail [DOT] com

8. Credits

BJustReal (BJR) 4.0

Made by:


Thanks to:

Wanna Ganoush
- The realistic health regeneration system.

- Scripts in the "Next Map messages" feature.
- Parts of spawn protection script.
- GetStance() function.

- Parts of spawn protection script.

Zeroy & duty4-fr
- New night vision goggles.

La Truffe
- Permission to do anything I want with the CoD2 VIP gametype. (Now the officer gametype in this mod.)

Some -={AA}=- members
- Additional help & support.

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