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Author: KiLL3R

Readme File:
****** K3 ******

Version 1.1

Features: =====================================================================

Air strike -> Ion Cannon
Claymore -> Auto Turrets
C4 -> Laser Mines
RPG -> Lock on rockets / laser guided rockets / Dark Matter Cannon - type is chosen at spawn
Stun Grenade -> EMP Grenade
Flash Grenade -> Freeze Grenade
Frag Grenade -> Sticky Proximity Grenade

vsay Menu:
Deploy Time Bubble
Laser ON/OFF
Third Person ON/OFF
Left / Right handed weapon
Change crosshair

New weapon sounds for:
Mini Uzi
M249 SAW
M40A3 Sniper
Dragunov Sniper
Barrett Sniper
Desert Eagle

New weapon models:
RPG -> AT4 Rocket Launcher
MP5 Red dot -> MP5 Red dot + silencer
M4 Grenade launcher -> M4 Grenade launcher + eotech (square red dot thing)

New skins for:
M249 SAW
USP .45
Silver Desert Eagle

New helicopter model
Loads of blood, bodies have a chance of exploding when killed with an explsive, shotgun or Barrett .50 Cal Sniper
Blood on your screen when hurt, and goes on other players screen if they are close enough
Killing Sprees
Message Center
Damage modifiers
Challenges, weapon/perk unlocks and create-a-class, just like normal CoD4
Pain sounds
Death sounds
Vortex Portals
Automatic M16 (only when no attachments are used)
End of match stats
Extra ambient sounds
Cars get damaged if you land on one and get hurt from the fall
Night mode
Spec the winner in UT3 style

Auto Turrets:
Auto turrets automatically scan the area for near-by enemies, if one is in range the turret will open fire on him.
The damage and fire rate can be increased if the owner has the either the Stopping Power or Double Tap perks.
Auto Turrets take 3 seconds to arm once deployed

Laser Mines:
Once a laser mine is deployed, a beam will emit from it and travel across the map until it hits an object
If the beam is broken by an enemy going in to it, he will instantly die.
Because the laser mine is easily spotted and avoided (jumping over or crouching/proning under), extra measures are needed to destroy them:
To destroy a laser mine, you must disable it by throwing an EMP grenade near it, once disabled it is then vulnerable to attack.
Laser Mines take 2 seconds to arm once landed on a suitable surface.

Locking-on Rocket Launcher:
To lock-on with this, you must aim at a player until the Lock-On bar reaches the end and says "LOCKED ON"
The player that you are locking on to will receive a warning sign that apears on the HUD indicating that they are
being locked on to.

Laser guided Rocket Launcher:
Once a laser guided rocket has been launched, you have full control over where it travels too, you can only fire one at a time.
To control the missile just aim at the position where you want it to travel to.

Dark Matter cannon:
The damage of the Dark Matter Cannon is decided on how long you have charged it for, to charge the cannon up you hold fire
while having it selected then release to fire. A number in the right hand side of you screen indicates the maximum damage
that it will inflict on the enemy. There is no limit of how much you can charge it can have.

Freeze Grenade:
Freeze grenades are ideal for reducing a players vision and slowing them down

EMP Grenade:
The EMP Grenade is a very useful item, it can be used to disable enemy Auto Turrets, Laser Mines, Sticky Proximity Grenade and
decrease players visibility.

Sticky Proximity Grenade:
Proximity grenades will stick to any surface (apart from players), once it has stuck to a surface it will then watch for an enemys that
come close to it, then detonate.

Time Bubble:
Time bubbles stop any kind of bullet and explosions from passing in or out of it. Time bubbles also repel enemies that get too close.

Vortex Portals:
These spawn at random TDM spawns through out the match, if you go in one you get teleported to a random TDM spawn.

To get Rage, you must get 10 kills with less than 3 deaths. When you have rage your health regenerates and you move the same speed as
sprinting. You cant sprint while in rage.

Also includes:
Freeze Tag game type (v1.2)
A modified SD game type, the SD bomb sites can be moved

Installing: =====================================================================



in Call of Duty 4/Mods/k3_1_1/
set the server's fs_game to k3 and add "exec k3.cfg" to your server's main cfg file (without the " ")

Stuff Added/fixed: ======================================================================

Added/fixed stuff in v1.1:
Fixed the 128 weapon assets problem
No crosshiar and HUD flashes on and off when EMP'd
Normal crosshair now avalible
Damage modifiers
Changed health pack model (its my first good model made from scratch :D - made with MilkShape)
Health packs spin and float
Eeasier to see while in rage
Cant throw back sticky proxy nades
Laser mines damage down to 250, it was the players max health * 2
Laser mines have different colour lasers depending whos teams it is (Allies = red, Axis = yellow)
Automatic M16 (only when no attachments are used)
Auto turrets can aim down now
Added commands for activation time on laser mines, auto turrets and proxys
Option to turn MGs off
It says when you get UAV and stuff now
Cars get damaged if you land on one and get hurt from the fall
Option to turn off the range finder, or only on while ADS
EMP and Freeze time depends on how far away from the center you are, it also accumalates so if
you get EMP'd or frozen while already EMP'd or frozen, the time adds up
Added pain sounds
Extra ambient sounds - gun fire, distant helicopters ect.
Option to turn off freeze controls at start and end of rounds
Damage origin and direction improved for darkmatter, laser guided rockets, lasermines and auto turrets
New darkmatter options - min and max charge, what happens when it reaches max charge - reset, force fire or just stay at max
Darkmatter charge sound
When locked on to someone with lock-on rocket launcher, it says "LOCKED ON TO: [player name]"
Challenages, weapon/perk unlocks and create-a-class are avilable, just like normal CoD4
Improved blood, gibs and gib physics
Moved rage bar from the bottom to the side
Fixed server log getting spammed from dvar settings and stuff
Sniper trails, like halo, though the trail doesnt go where the bullet goes... but its good enough :P
Added some kinda special teleporters called Vortex Porals (lol... watta name), these spawn at random TDM
spawns through out the match, if you go in one you get teleported to a random TDM spawn
Added a night mode, black sky ect.
Spec the winner in UT3 style (winner can be the guy who got last kill or guy with highest score)
Match stats at end of the map
New barrel skins -
New nightvision overlay -
Reduced the number of xmodels loaded into the mod.ff... now loads more maps work :D
And a number of other small things...

Known Bugs: ======================================================================

Some stock maps do not work with this mod because of the 1000 loaded xmodel assets limit (and the 400 fx assets limit),
the maps are:
(Hopefully the limit will increased with later patches/versions, these maps were tested on 1.5)

So, that stock maps that DO work are:

Ragdolls sometimes spaz out if the player was killed by a headshot (and sometimes explosives) so if you see artifacts, dont worry,
its probably just a spazed out ragdoll :P
Helicopter Minigun is a bit odd (it uses the wrong part of the model for some reason... but it still works)
Helicopter rockets fire up in the sky... ive never accually seen anyone killed by them rockets before...

To do: ======================================================================

Fix helicopter minigun and rockets
Add 5 map vote thingy

Credits: ======================================================================

Idea for rocket type menu from his zombie mod menu
Time Bubble model
Getting .mb maya models to .XMODEL_EXPORT... mine just doesn't want to work for some reason
Various sounds

SP to MP weapons -
Silver Desert Eagle -> 2-Tone Desert Eagle
RPG -> AT4 Rocket Launcher
MP5 Red dot -> MP5 Red dot + silencer
G3 -> Automatic G3
M4 Grenade launcher -> M4 Grenade launcher + eotech

M21 Sniper -> M21 Sniper silenced + ghilled camo Staff:
Beta testing

A load of CoD:UO mods for some of the weapon sounds

Helicopter model:

Auto Turret model:

Dark Matter Cannon model:



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