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Readme File:
// Call of Duty 4 - RSM Modification
// author : ZeRoY
// website :
// mod : RSM
// version : 1.5
// update : July 2008


- 11 Classic Rifles from Call Of Duty 2 added:

* Karabiner 98 + Scoped Version
* Gewehr 43 + Scoped Version
* M1 Garand
* M1903 Springfield
* Mosin-Nagant + Scoped Version
* Lee Enfield + Scoped Version
* Tokarev SVT40

- Rifles seperated in classes which can be turned on/off
- Spawn Protection (from AWE4)
- Healthbar (from AWE4)
- Health regeneration option (Old AWE)
- Customizable Hardpoints Streak
- Some HUD elements can be turned off
- Modded HardPoints messages
- Modded Welcome message (from AWE4)
- Modded Menus/Music
- Rotation messages

For more information check the included riflemod.cfg file

Installation for Server Administrators

- Place the following files in "Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfaremodsrsm" folder (create rsm folder first!)


- To launch server modify your iw3mp.exe to the following (windows):

"C:Call of duty 4 - Modern Warfareiw3mp.exe" +set dedicated 2 +set fs_game mods/rsm +set net_ip x.x.x.x +set net_port xxxxx +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

Where x.x.x.x is Public IP of your server and net_port xxxxx is desired port for server (usually 28960)

Installation for Clients

None, find a server running RSM, connect and Enjoy!

Known issues/notes:

Linux Servers ARE NOT SUPPORTED in this release, sorry - testing ongoing.

The COD2 Rifles are using stock COD4 anims and are therefor not as good as they could be. Also the weapon's damage was set for this release but isnt definitive.
If you wish to mod the weapon's file here is the table showing the rifles and corresponding cod4 weapon:

M16A4 ==> M1 Garand
AK47 ==> Karabiner 98
M4 ==> Enfield
G3 ==> Gewehr 43
G36C ==> SVT40
M14 ==> Mosin Bolt

mp5 ==> M1903 Springfield
skorpion==> Karabiner 98 Scoped
Mini-uzy==> G43 Scoped
ak74u ==> Moisin Scoped
p90 ==> Enfield Scoped

Also provided are 2 sets of 'Skins' for all the rifles, all were created by CutterWolf.

--> Should you wish to use them you will have to replace the files from inside the z_riflemod.iwd (overwrite)


see inside riflemod.cfg for RSM Specifics
also included:


!!! The last file, disableattach.cfg must be included and the attachments untouched !!!


ZeRoY, RGN DevTeam including Tally, Peluski, Rabbit

Wanna Ganoush + AWE creators, Infinity Ward.

Thanks to |SMART|Sprinter, PST{Joker}, Novemberdobby, Crazyankles, CutterWolf, Tiller & Coleman for the help in testing and more!


All original and composed textures or assets in this modification remain property of
the sources respective owners.

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