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Author: obiwanbul

Everything begins when the S.A.S. troops assaulted Asad's village, as the battle raged on and Soap is trying to reach him, Khaled escaped the farmhouse and used a decoy who took a bullet for him ( literally ), an hour after decoy Asad was killed, Khaled managed to find a radio and informed Zkhaev that he has escaped, a helicopter was sent to get him and take Asad to the secret hideout in Afghanistan. But after Zakhaev learnd that his son was killed he didnt pay much attention to his evil friend, Asads hideout was found and a group of Spetsnaz commandos, led by a young Georgy Zhukov, trapped him, or so they thought. He wired the ammo caches in the base and the commandos and his guards were killed, only Zhukov survived.
4 months later...
The civil war in Russia seemed to be over, but a new danger was forming to the south, the first blow was struck after one of the most powerfull terrorist forces in the Middle East "JIHAD" rebeled against the americans in Iraq and liberated the nation, US was forced to withdraw temporally not knowing that it was a small part of a bigger plan. The next day the governemnt in Iran was overtrown and in a few hours JIHAD troopers were simbolicly destroing border post on the Iraq/Iran border.
Many people in the west werent sure what to think about this. Many were demanding that NATO interfere, but there was also another grop of people that dont want iterference. But after the unification of Iraq and Iran, the Arabian Khalif was reborn, the people believed that it was their destiny to conquer the world ( those who didnt think that were executed publicly ). The same day JIHAD troops declared war on Saudi Arabia and managed to conquer the vital oil fields. Now it was obvious that actions must be taken. But it was too late, JIHAD troops were recruiting thousands of people every day and after conquering Egypt and the Suez canal Many Northern Afrucan nations started voulenteerly joining them. NATO's only hope to stop them was Turkey - the last defense line of Europe, US Marines were deployed at the Turkish-Iraqi border and were holding the line.
1 year later...
Obviously things arent doing that well, many turkish people werent happy with the situation, the troops needed supply and the poor people were the ones who had to provide it. Surprisingly during the visit of the NATO leaders in Istanbul a suicide attack happened. Everyone was dead, that was when the signal was given and the undercover JIHAD troops emerged, executed the pro-european turkish government and took over, the remaining Marines and Turkish loyalist were trapped and were forced to be evacuated to Ukraine.
That act of coup was a surprise, no one expected in, one of the main strike forces led by Asad himself started to move and conquer through the Balkans.
Now 7 months later Kahlif has reached the border of western Europe and Russia. The russian government refuses to take public action against this threat. A decsision was made that Asad must be eliminated first and with the main Khalif army leadless that will be the most apropriate time for Russia to enter the war.
********************* ******************************************* ****************************** ******************************************
- Hope this explains the situation better than before.

OK I though it would be a good idea to make things more clear conserning map size, objectives and so on...
First off this will be one, but it will be a big map, and by big understand REALLLY BIG. The objectives take place all over the Bulgarian city of Rousse and even beyond the Danube into Romania, where you and your Spetznaz teammates will have to decide the outcome of the conflict. As you can see this is something really big and seems as I am just one man it will probably take a loong time before evefything is finished 100 percent, that is one of the reasons I will be releasing a demo now and then, that will show different parts of the storyline. Now the map will be dividet into 6 chapters, some reletavely short some a bit longer ( of course no loading in and between as this is one map ), but all of the chapters will be longer than the standart missions we got in CoD4. There will be a vary of objectives wheather it is destroing AA guns, holding the line in different buildings, blowing up BM21's, massive army assaults, moving through underground tunels or just walking around the street looking for someone to shoot it will all be in here.
And here is a complete list of chapters with a brief desription, contains MINOR SPOILERS.

Chapter 1: "RV at Noon"
- Your helicopter has been shut down ( cliche i know ), destroy the AA guns to ensure that the other squads will land succesfully and meet up with them.

Chapter 2: "Chaos on Aleksandrovska St." ( name not final )
- Lead your squad through the city of Rousse and eliminate Al Asad

Chapter 3: "Bulgarian Assault"
- A massive arab army is coming, between the massive force of Asads army and the city garrison, you must help the Bulgarians liberate the city or they will be surrounded.. with you in the middle.

Chapter 4: "Romania or Bust"
- The Romanians have sent a tank army to reinforce the Bulgarians, but there is only one bridge across the Danube. You must find a way to cross the Danube and secure the bridge or all is lost

Chapter 5: "There and back again"
- Escort the Romanian tanks to the outskirts of Rousse to reinforce the Bulgarians

Chapter 6: "The Battle of Rousse"
- The time has come, can the combined forces of Bulgaria and Romania be able to stop the largest arab army in Europe in a battle that will decide the future of the Balkan peninsulla. Can one Spetsnaz soldier make a difference

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