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this mod is all made by me so all credit goes to me :) (exept menu image not sure who made this (found it on my comp :P)
no one is alowed to re upload any of this mod if you want to use it it a mod you are making just ask me
beta testers include [TAS] Gerbil, [TAS] Klompet, and [TAS] BlackwolF

my email is:
msn is :
would love some feed back

if you have any comments or sugetions please email me or if there is anything you would like to see just let me know and it try to make it happen

AadvaaK's Realism Mod notes..... so you know what the hell it does

This is a mod to increase the realism of the guns by adjusting fire rates to what they are realistically and
armor penitration is less to the chest with non AP bullets and a HELL OF A LOT MORE to the head :)

hope you like the tweaking

Changes form v. 1.3 - v. 1.4:
M4A1 now is a 3-round burst M4 Carbine.
G3A4 now is a full auto M4A1.
M14 now is a G3A4.
M21 now is a M14 (no attachment is scope and ACOG is no attachment).
I've worked out how to change menu names so all guns have the same name in game as in the menus.
M21 is now gone (it was relieved from service in the 80's)
All guns in game have a different name depending on attachment eg. an M4 Carbine with an ACOG now is called: M4 Carbine ACOG in game makes picking up wepons easier.

Major chages:

.Fire rates on all guns have been altered to fire at the
realistic rate (in real life the P90 empties it's 50 shot mag in 3 secons and M4A1 in 2.5 secons (very crazy with double tap))

.Zoom when you aim down sight has been removed for iron sights

.all guns now are no longer infinitely acurate so you cant take some one out from 25 kays away with an M9

.Drift on ALL ATTACHMENTS AND ALL GUNS hase been altered for
more drift when standing and less when prone

.Aiming for the head is now worth more than just points toward achievements,
rifles have armore piercing bullets that don't get to much of a dissadvantage
when aiming for the chest but SMGs and pistols don't have much
of a dent on body armor. but a headshot or 2 will put them where you want em
(NOTE: damage hasn't bee adjusted only armor piercing, so hardcore is still ballenced)

.Some attachments give weapons different firemodes and names.
see list for more details.

Attachment's and redone weapons:

.Silver Deagle: has bee changed to .357cal Magnum 9 round mag
.Gold Deagle: is a .50cal Action Express 7 round mag
.USP now has night vission laser pointer
.USP and M9 now are nice and dark... alot darker :) (it looks nice)
.USP the USP model in CoD 4 is a USP Compact so it is now called USP Compact and fires .40 S&W rounds

.AK-74u renamed to AK-74u Carbine

.G3 Grenade.L/no attachment/silencer is full auto. reflex sight is 3-round burst. ACOG is semi
.M16A4 ACOG semi auto all others 3-round burst
.M16A4 less acurate from the hip
.M4A1 more acurate from the hip
.M4 Carbine renamed to M4A1 (M4 Carbine is semi auto and 3-round burst only)

.M1014 RDS now fires slugs. longer range and more acurate
.W1200 RDS and grip now fire slugs. longer range and more acurate
.all shotguns overall better

.Grenade Lancher on all weapons now comes with 3 Grenades
.RPG is now more accurate

.R700 is now a M24 Internal Mag
.M21 now M14 DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)

copy the folder "aadvarksmod" to your call of duty 4 mods folder
eg. C/Program Files/Activision/Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare/Mods

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