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This mod replaces “hitscan” based weapons with “projectile” based weapon. In other words you’ll get some basic bullet ballistics (e.g. bullet drop and bullet speed). Weapon damages and recoils has been changed according to bullet calibre/mass/speed (mp5 is mp5 and r700 is r700 now ; ) ). This mod is based on ModWarfare mod now. So you’ll get all weapons/attachments/perks unlocked.
-Bullet drop.
-Bullet speed.
-New weapon damages and recoils.
-Zoom only for ACOGed/Scoped weapons.
-Damage decrease over distance.
-Simple armor simulation. Two types of armor: Kevlar and Kevlar+Armor plates. Kevlar armor effective against pistol rounds(pistols/smgs). Juggernaut armor effective against any ammunition (excluding .50BMG) but player's movement speed decreased. Don't forget both types of armor are vests so they protects only torso.
-Stun effect on bullet damage. Large caliber rounds produce stun effect on target.
Current Issues:
-No bullet penetration.
Every weapon is unique. So you'll need to chose best weapon for your game style.
For example M4 is good in medium range combat( especially with ACOG :) ), but you can be killed easily by some guy with UZI in close range.

NOTE: We have some Lan-parties every Friday and our server has an external IP. So everyone is welcome :) .
Follow me on twitter to know when the server is up and running (@GenaSG ).

Custom maps:

So, I've implemented all main features which was in my TODO list.
I hope I'll find some mapper and modeler guys to help me in further development.

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