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Product Name: Ze Limper's Call of Duty World at War Weapon skins
Version: Final
Author: Ze Limper
X-fire: bnpk1314
CoD5id: zelimper
release date: 20 Nov 2008
Description and use:

***PLAYERS***: these files are useless for you as there are hardly any unpure servers.
If you do want to use them on an unpure server tehn download the file,rename it like this
example: iw_21.iwd and place that file in your "main" folder along with the other .iwd's
then search for an Unpure server.
*Unpure servers are NOT the usual modded/custom servers, most of them are also set at Pure
an unpure server is a server who does not Check the files that are the same on the server/your comp, so as stated above
most servers are using these check.

hey you can also persuade the admin of your favorite server to use them on his server ;)

**ADMINS**: place the skin file in your fs_game on your servers and redireckt for autodownload

You are allowed to use my skins on any server without my permission or unpack it to your servers mod's .iwd
just dont say that you made them yourself.

You are allowed to distribute the file as long as you keep the original Read me

Do NOT modify/rip my work without my explicit permission (Create Don't Recreate)

leave a message on my clanforums

More CoD5skins, Cod5 Info, CoD5 Files,Cod 4 skins/cod4 Info over at

Thank You


on a last note:
As soon as i get the http redirect working, all my skins are used on This server

******* NO-HC*******


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