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Author: scillman

Readme File:
-= Description =-
This is a litle modification that let's you play multiply
zombie maps without the need of switching mod(s).

-= Changes/Fixes =-
* Added maps (CoD1 Police, Death, Military HQ, Tunnels)
* Added official loadscreen (Zombie Woods)
* Fixed the Nazi Zombies on ...

-= Installation =-
You will need to download the maps and put it in the
right folder. You have 2 ways of installing the mod now:
1. Run Installer.exe.
2. Just put the mod on the right place (united_nazi_zombies_V1_1)!

-= Required maps =-
CoD1 Police
Incubo ad Anzio
Military HQ (V1.1)
Nacht der Untoten (Installed by default!)
The Last Christmas
Zombie Woods (V1.3)

-= Rights, contact and support =-
Scillman(me) created this mod. And I haven't create the
maps, but I want you the respect the mappers of the maps!
You can contact me at my email: If you
found some bug(s), please send me a email about it then.

-= Download links =-
* CoD1 Police;sa=view;down=86
* Death;sa=view;down=84
* Incubo ad Anzio
* [FRU]Mansion
* Military HQ
* The Last Christmas
* Towers;sa=view;down=88
* Zombie Woods;sa=view;down=8

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