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Author: Way2Evil

This mod will replace most weapons of the Call of Duty: World at War zombie mode into modern weapons.

Weapons done so far:

-USP .45 (replacing the colt) (95% done)
-Desert Eagle (replacing the sw 357) (90% done)
-M14 (replacing the kar 98k) (95% done)
-G3 (replacing the springfield) (95% done)
-Mini Uzi (replacing M1 Carbine) (90% done)
-MP5 (replacing M1 Garand) (95% done)
-M4 (replacing the Thompson) (90% done)
-AK47 (replacing the MP40) (95% done)
-G36c (replacing STG44) (95% done)
-M249 saw (replacing FG42) (95% done)
-M82A1 Barrett (replacing PTRS41) (80% done)
-Dragunov (replacing Scoped Kar98) (95% done)
-M67 grenade (replacing sticknades) (100% done)
-M4M203 rifle with nadelauncher (replacing riflenade M1 Garand) (90% done)
-RPD lightmachinegun (replacing MG42) (90% done)
-Winchester 1200 (replacing the double barrel shotgun) (80% done)

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