Cannon Fodder 3 Interview (PC)

Strategy Informer: It's been over a decade since the last Cannon Fodder game was released. How has the series changed since then?

Oleg Lychaniy: Lots of changes have been made. In CF3 almost everything you see can be destroyed, including certain parts of the landscape. New types of vehicles are available such as hovercraft, moon rover, fighting robot and others. In each mission in addition to the main objective you are allowed to complete minor objectives, for example, construct a robot from parts scattered over the map and attach it to the unit.

We decided to add to the new game a few bosses separating different stages. For example, after completing several missions in USA you will have to fight the submarines.

We widened the arsenal of our soldiers: besides bazooka and grenades you can now use flame-thrower, laser gun, machine gun and many other weapon types. The most destructive are superweapons, such as nuclear bomb.

The number of different enemy types has increased. Apart from having various sets of weaponry, they also have individual special abilities. For the bravery and spirit shown in battles the soldiers are rewarded with medals of several degrees. In conclusion, for those who like the cartoon violence I would like to say that the game is going to contain lots of it, more than the previous versions did.

Strategy Informer: Do you feel this title is primarily aimed at: veteran players or newcomers?

Oleg Lychaniy: I'm sure that both the newcomers and the series veteran players will like the game. We did our best to keep the things that hardcore players of classic Cannon Fodder loved so much. Besides, the improved controls are gonna add some dynamics to the game and make it more colorful and nice. We also tried to keep the humour and the antimilitarist message of the game.

Strategy Informer: For those who're unaware, what's the premise of Cannon Fodder 3?

Oleg Lychaniy: The game features about 30 missions in different environments, exciting gameplay, lots of action and humour. The players are going to visit the ISS and the moon, they’re going to fight in rainy and snowy weather, in day- and night-time. Also the players will encounter a great many of diverse enemies.

Strategy Informer: What do you think the greatest improvement will be when the game finally lands?

Oleg Lychaniy: The greatest improvement, in our opinion, is the total destructibility of the environment and the coop-walkthrough option.

Strategy Informer: Have any titles released since Cannon Fodder 2 influenced the third instalment?

Oleg Lychaniy: We borrowed some ideas from games with similar gameplay and camera, such as Alien Swarm and Alien Shooter. But the influence of these games was insignificant, the main source of our inspiration are the original games of the series.

Strategy Informer: Has it been difficult to adapt the game to the current market?

Oleg Lychaniy: The task wasn’t simple, it’s rather hard to create a good game keeping its hardcore elements that many people like on one hand and making it simple enough on the other hand. But we did our best, and we hope that the players will like our game.

Strategy Informer: In a press release it was announced that 'Earth is not the limit' this time round, how do space battles mix things up?

Oleg Lychaniy: In a certain story point the soldiers will need to follow a villain first to the ISS, and then to the Moon. Gameplay and enemies in these locations will be different from what you see in ordinary locations on Earth.

Strategy Informer: How will the Xbox Live Arcade version differ from the PC?

Oleg Lychaniy: The Xbox360 version is going to have a specific controls system.

Strategy Informer: The game hasn't been confirmed for release outside of Russia, any update on this?

Oleg Lychaniy: Unfortunately, we cannot disclose any information about world release.

Strategy Informer: What new features are you most proud of in Cannon Fodder 3?

Oleg Lychaniy: All features are interesting and unique in their own way, it’s hard to distinguish any of them. But if you insist, I like the boss system, where you have to locate each boss’ weak point in order to win.

Strategy Informer: When should the public expect to get their hands on the game?

Oleg Lychaniy: The exact release date is not determined yet.

Strategy Informer: Any last words for our readers?

Oleg Lychaniy: Cannon Fodder used to be a great game some time ago, and that’s what it is now. This is why it’s been such a serious responsibility to create a sequel. I hope that experienced players will consider Cannon Fodder 3 a decent extension of the series, and newcomers will get to know that 'War has never been so much fun'.


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By djole381 (SI Elite) on Feb 28, 2011
Looks nice so I hope they release an international version.
By V4ndall (SI Veteran Member) on Feb 28, 2011
Having spent countless hours playing CF1 & 2 on both Amiga and PC, I'm really glad that someone picked up the idea at last. I'm not too much into the "alien" part though, as it made CF2 severely worse than CF1.
By stuntkid (SI Elite) on Apr 10, 2011
Talk about classic gaming!