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Carmageddon TDR2000 Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes
During your game type in 'hereComesTrouble. This should allow you to enter all of the other cheats for this game

Code: Description:
'cash 10,000 Credits
'enablebuy Buy All Cars
'isetCar(Name) Change Car Name
'makeai(Name) Change Opponent Name
'lastcheckpoint Check All Checkpoints
'dreakcar(Name) Damage Car
'WasteAll Destroy All Cars
'damagemultiplier3 Increase Damage
'invincible Invincibility
'adventure New Mini-Game
'lastlap One Lap Race
'aioff Turn CPU AI Off
'aion Turn CPU AI on
'pedsoff Turn Off Pedestrians
'pedson Turn On Pedestrians
LOOK (target name) Examines specified target
LOOK Describes surroundings and exits
LOOK AGAIN A more detailed look command
GET (item name) Collects specified item
KILL (zombie name) Attacks specified zombie
GO (direction) Heads in specified direction
Quit Quits Adventure game
'addPowerUpExtra everything Armor, Power & Offense Increase
'addPowerUpExtra power Power Increase
'addPowerUpExtra offensive Offense Increase
'addPowerUpExtra offensive slot Extra Offense Slot
'addPowerUpExtra power slot Extra Power Slot
'addPowerUpExtra armour slot Extra Armor Slot
'addPowerUpMax everything! Max Armor, Power & Offense Increase
'addPowerUpMax offensive! Max Offense Increase
'addPowerUpMax power! Max Power Increase
'addPowerUpMax armour! Max Armor Increase
'addPowerUpDouble extra everything 2x Armor, Power & Offense Increase
'addPowerUpDouble extra offensive 2x Offense Increase
'addPowerUpDouble extra power 2x Power Increase
'addPowerUpDouble extra armour 2x Armor Increase
'addPowerUpExtra armour Armor Increase
'addPowerUpExtra slots all round Extra Armor, Power & Offense Slot
'addPowerUpBonus armour slots Bonus Armor Slots
'addPowerUpBonus power slots Bonus Power Slots
'addPowerUpBonus offensive slots Bonus Offense Slots
'addPowerUpBonus slots all round Bonus Armor, Power & Offense Slots
'addPowerUpBrake Failure Brake Failure
'addPowerUpCatch Powerup Catch Powerup
'addPowerUpInvulnerability! Invicibile
'addPowerUpUnderwater ability! Can go Underwater
'addPowerUpOh dear, bodywork trashed! Trashes your car
'addPowerUpWall climber! Can climb walls
'addPowerUpBouncy Bouncy! Super Bouncy Shocks
'addPowerUpOh dear, jelly suspension! Wobbly Shocks
'addPowerUpGreased tyres! No Traction
'addPowerUpAcme Damage magnifier Damage hurts more
'addPowerUpInstant handbrake Super Hnadbrake
'addPowerUpSolid granite car! Undamagable Car
'addPowerUpAfterburner! More Speed
'addPowerUpTurbo nutter bastard nitrous! Max Turbo
'addPowerUpMega-turbo! Turbo x2
'addPowerUpTurbo! Turbo
'addPowerUpRock springs! No Shocks
'addPowerUpGrip-o-matic tyres! Super Traction
'addPowerUpKangaroo on command! Lets car jump
'addPowerUpFree repairs! Free Repair
'addPowerUpInstant repair! Instant Repair
'addPowerUp5 Free recovery vouchers 5 Free Recovery Vouchers
'addPowerUpCar Stealer! Opponents Steal Cars
'addPowerUpFrozen opponents! Opponents Don't Move
'addPowerUpFrozen cops! Cops don't Move
'addPowerUpTurbo opponents! Opponents move Fast
'addPowerUpTurbo cops! Cops move Fast
'addPowerUpOpponent repulsificator! Opponents Run Away
'addPowerUpLunar gravity! No Gravity
'addPowerUpPinball mode! Pinball Mode
'addPowerUpWoooaaaaahhh!!! ???
'addPowerUpGravity from jupiter! Ultra Gravity
'addPowerUpRandom anything Random Ped/Car
'addPowerUpRandom ped Random Ped
'addPowerUpRandom good car Random Good Car
'addPowerUpRandom bad car Random Bad Car
'addPowerUpMine shitting ability! Mines
'addPowerUpOil slicks from your arse! Oil Slicks
'addPowerUpPedestrian flamethrower! Flamethrower
'addPowerUpSlaughter mortar Mortars
'addPowerUpNuclear Bomb Nuclear Bomb
'addPowerUpWow! A mutant tail thing! Tail
'addPowerUpSever Tail No Tail
'addPowerUpLoads of Cash. Get more Cash
'addPowerUpCredits Get more Credits
'addPowerUpReverse pinball mode! Reverse Pinball Mode
'addPowerUpA piece of the Bomb Bomb Piece
'addPowerUpRocket fuel drum. Rocket Fuel Drum
'addPowerUpA Fuse. Fuse
'addPowerUpA piece of an engine. Piece of an Engine
'addPowerUpA money bag. A Money Bag
'addPowerUpArtillery shell. Artillery Shell
'addPowerUpTime bonus More Time
addPowerUpTimer frozen! Stop Time
addPowerUpTimer thawed! Restart Time
'addPowerUpHovercraft Car! Hovercraft Car
addPowerUpWheel Spikes! Wheel Spikes
addPowerUpSmoke Mines! Smoke Mines
addPowerUpBad Gas! Bad Gas
addPowerUpMeteor Storm! Meteor Storm


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