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To apply the new update, players can download the installer and changelog here on AtomicGamer. The Steam version of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission will be updated automatically (To get the SDK on Steam, you need to sign up for the 'SDK' beta: right mouse click on Carrier Command: Gaea Mission in your Steam library, select the 'Betas' tab and choose SDK from the menu).


* Added better mod support (mod packages may now be loaded through exe parameter)
* Fixed chapter 2 campaign blocker (cutscene playback in FPS mission after Chapter 2 timeout)
* Fixed Outpost objective
* Fixed enemy carrier disappearance after the "End classic campaign" dialog
* and more...

Save Games created in versions 1.1.0026 and older are not compatible. The game will notify you if the Save file was created in an incompatible version.

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