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thank you for downloading this CNC3 map.

Game : Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Game Type : Mutiplayer
Skimish : Yes
Multiplayer : Yes
Known bugs : None...


Patch 1.04 (it should work on any patch really)

About: W4_battle_v1.1a is an map where you try to defend your base from the on coming invasion
there are 8 rounds try to survive into the end.

Alien Forces must kill the enemy before all 8 rounds are up in order to win.

-------------Map Information-----------

--------How to Play as Scrin Invasion Force----------- Must not be allied to any players!
Top right start location is for controling the alien invasion as a human player..

Note: put ai on this spot if you just want the ai to control it. or Nothing on this spot.

--------Ai Player Spot-----------------
See image for details

note: this ai prevents instant win etter have some ai there.
if an player is spawned here press Q, 2 times and move your base inside the map.

---Human Group--------------------
See image for details

You must have this group all on the same team!

---Spawn point below ai spawn pont

This human player also must be team 1



To install extract map to C:\Documents and Settings\Name\Application Data\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps
^ What ever drive you have cnc3 on.

--Contact info/Bug report---

Report bugs/changes you want made to the map at

Creator: war450

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