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My first map for CnC3. Version 1.0 release. All issues are worked out and mini map is fixed and active. Plenty of ore for you and your friends and plenty of ore for bots as well.
Basic layout is afortress style map, but if you rush to qucikly to take over defenses you can run yourself thin. Makes for a good cooperative scenario.

Plus there's goodies that you start out with...sorry you only get one of each so use them wisely and the ones you can save take care of them.

***********V1.1 Major Changes*****************
-Changed performance issues: Excessive Tiberium feilds, rate of growth of tiberium, cluster count, also made impassable terrain match border of map. Wanted to chagne view distance, but fealt that would inlfict on gameplay..after all we all want mroe viewing area ;)

-Changed positioning of Human bases due to distance to defences way to far making map way too difficult due to AI rushing.

-Added ground defenses and power plants to power. Power is balanced still as if you were starting out normally.

-Also made bunkers invincible for better use of them, place infantry here but beware of ways your infantry can get killed.

-Changed rig's veteran status, losses General status anyhow when deployed.

-Took away AI nuke trucks since they don't use them in assualt..bummer too would have been interesting.

-Gave player 4 defensive weapons to defend base with.Be sure to populate or un populate for difficulty in taking main base. This is a challenge.

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