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Readme for ver.1.2-
(map name - Nod factory showdown)

email - DavidKysela AT seznam DOT cz

Now, once again.. I know no one reads readmes at all, but thank you for downloading this map !
:)) (getting boring, I know)

To install simply unzip the folder called "Battle_at_Nod_base_4player_ver1.2" to this
directory (default instalation) :
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Aplication Data\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps

About the file - while I was remaking the 1v1 version I thought I could try to make
a 2v2 player map with the same Nod base theme.. and so I did x)

Some map details :

- It is a red zone 4player, multiplayer, skirmish map

- Player starting locations are at the south, north, west and east locations,
each has got sufficient place for built and two green tiberium fields

- The Nod base has been redone.. now has got 8 posible entrances, with EMP
in the middle of it and of course "few" factories and some "junk" that avatars can
upgrade for free..

- Then there are four cities located in the map corners, each with a blue tiberium
field for an expansion, no worries - Ive made it so theres enought room for
refinerys, if AI catches the city it makes up for a really hard fight!

- Well, thats about all, hope youll enjoy !

- As for legal stuff.. bla.. upload this map on any RTS site, just name the
author :D

Thnx, cheerious MrDavid

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