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To Install the C&C 3 MapPack 1 run "gsc_cnc3_mappack1.exe"

Map Pack 1 Contains

2 Spieler / Players Maps
A River Apart (by Rolk)
Asphyxiation (by Mattikai)
Battle at Nod Base v2 (by MrDavidoff)
Da Mahe Madness (by Agodzo)
Demon Rock (by Venom775)
Hell's Passage (by hawk10314)
Isles of Dread (Final Edition) (by Cent)
Lion's Valley (by Lion)
Lion's Walls (by Lion)
Lion's Walls (No Fog Effect) (by Lion)
Narc 1v1 Tourney v2 (by Narc)
Ridge 1v1 v2.0 (by Sw1tch)
River Rush (by v1rtu)
Rock 90 (by Big Smoke)
Scorched Earth 2 (by RVMECH)
The Last Ore Chasm (by Joel "noethis" McDonald)
Total Termination (by DragonFX90)

4 Spieler / Players Maps
CMDTower (by Cowski)
Flow of Corruption (by hawk10314)
Lost Contact (by Michael Richter)
Quadagon (by Mael)
Red Zone Rumble
Redzone Haze (by JBV3737)
Tiberian Dawn

6 Spieler / Players Maps
Carpathia 1.0 (by Stack111)
Dead and Gone (by Time2KILL)
JB Waterworks-A (by Jey Bee)
JB Waterworks-B (by Jey Bee)

8 Spieler / Players Maps
Twilight Flame Remake (Redzone Theme) (by Genome)
Two Against The World 2.1 (by Cyrus Blaze)

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