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Author: CHUCK888

Readme File:
The following map is a Mission / Skirmish map. Set in a mountain region in a Yellowzone, it offers
1 green field for each player and a small blue in the bottom right corner and 5 Tib spikes.


1. This map is only for NOD and GDI.
2. Player 1 must be GDI and Player 2 must be NOD.
3. Player 1 starts bottom right and Player 2 starts top right.
4. At the start of the mission you CANNOT build ANYTHING its locked, so stick to the mission.


You start the mission with an APC and a COMMANDO and you must get to your base at the middle
part of the map. Only then will your base be activated and be ready for use.


1. 2 Video presentations.
2. 2 Bonus objectives.


1. First you will need to ELIMINATE the nod base at the bottom right.
2. Secondly you must destroy the 3 CLOAKING FIELD GENERATORS.
3. For each objective that you complete you will get reinforcements.


This map / mission took me some time to complete because of the vast scripting that is used in
the map to get it just right. If you wish to modify the map or scripts be sure to have a good
knowlege of scripting because if you MESS IT UP dont come running and tell me the map is
not working properly. The map has been tested extencively, but IF THERES REALY A BUG and it
wasn't caused by YOU then please leave a comment at COMMANDANDCONQUER.FILEFRONT.


This map / mission is only for CNC 3 Tiberium Wars.
This map is best played at the HARD setting



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