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Author: war450

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Kanes Wraith Supported (note the one in the zip is not spell checked)

----How to Play Alien Incursion v2.1---- (series 2)

First know that there are 6 player slots

3 on the bottom
1 on the very top left and 1 on the right
and there is then one in between.

--look at how to play - (includes screen shot!)

first the very top left this is the invasion selector place a brutal computer on
this spot, then choose gdi, nod, or scrin, once you select one of the races.
and every player on the bottom is on the same team (and the guy that's in between)

you can choose if you want some one controlling the ai by selecting top right as your start

--How long is this map, it seems to never end?

Well, this map is 8 rounds see the round times below.

Round 0 -build up round- is 240 seconds/4 min.
Round 1-7 is 140 seconds/2 min and 40 seconds per round.
the last round is 400 seconds/6 min and 40 seconds

--- How to install the maps ----

Vista CNC3

C:Documents and SettingsNameApplication DataCommand & Conquer 3 Tiberium WarsMaps
^ alter to kanes wraith to play in kanes wraith...

Kanes Wraith


C:Documents and Settings[ Username ]Application DataCommand & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath


C:Users[ Username ]AppDataRoamingCommand & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath

--- player ai controller & invasion selector ---

the player ai controller and invasion selector must be on the same team, (well not really
it just helps, so when the units spawn they don't attack you before there converted.)

--I found an bug!, where do i report it?

send me the report or suggestion to

-----Developers Comments

Well, why i decided to release this now is well, i felt having 2.1 on the hard drive forever will do little, version 2.1
adds better ai support, so you can now place them on the controller if you really want to (though it might lag)

Version 3.0 well decided not to go ahead with that, instead waiting for red alert 3 map editor, so you can expect maybe
anther Area of defense featuring a soviet invasion. or even allies (i will try to include all 3 teams like i did for this)

Version 2.1 should work for cnc3 this was untested and remains untested.

You have my express permission to learn from the triggers in this map and modify it to your liking just as long as you give
me some credit for developing this.

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