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Posted on 03/01/2009 11:11
Points: 81
SI Veteran Newbie


The game has a good storyline, but there are limited units. That kinda suck.
8.8 superb
Posted on 07/21/2008 19:29

realu is a good game
9.9 perfect
Posted on 05/14/2008 10:17
Points: 62
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This was a very good game and the graphicks briliant the only thin that botherd me was the fack that i didn't like the misions mutch but the multiplayer awesome
8.9 superb
Posted on 05/10/2008 12:52
Points: 541
SI Core Member

This game ROCKS!

Wow this is the best C&C I have played so far!

This games graphics is extreme... There is so much detail in this game!

The story... Like any other C&C the story is brilliant!

The gameplay as usual is outstanding!

I'm looking... Read More
8.9 superb
Posted on 03/13/2008 23:59
Points: 5
I just got here


t best map i've ever seen
9.6 perfect
Posted on 12/26/2007 16:15
Points: 93
SI Veteran Newbie

If you like C&C then you'll love this game.

The graphics are pretty decent. And as long as you the hardware to run it can look great.

Gameplay is good. It has an inherent similarity to Generals. If you haven't played C&C before, then this is a... Read More
7.8 great
Posted on 11/19/2007 00:34

Cool game. Can't get enough of it.
9.0 superb
Posted on 10/22/2007 22:18
Points: 210
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The Best
The Best
The Best
The Best
9.9 perfect
Posted on 09/13/2007 00:46
Points: 56
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awsome graphics great effects and remains when destroying civil buildings etc
9.9 perfect
Posted on 07/07/2007 11:49
Points: 69
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Itís been a dozen years since the Global Defense Initiative and The Brotherhood of NOD started battling for control of the world, and the forces of evil still wonít go down. Armed with a shiny head and an all black wardrobe - that screams ďIím the bad... Read More
9.6 perfect
Posted on 05/24/2007 23:41

The better strategy game of 2007
9.7 perfect
Posted on 05/02/2007 05:09
Points: 234
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the best command and conquer has ever published plzzzz play it and you never regred it
9.9 perfect
Posted on 04/11/2007 09:01


why you gave this game such a score OR just Finish & Submit it with only your score added to public average sc
9.8 perfect
Posted on 04/06/2007 03:13
Points: 261
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good, but demo is too small.
9.3 perfect
Posted on 03/31/2007 01:31
Points: 212
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greaaat. finely is here. its how i expected just great.
9.7 perfect