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Changes/Features 2.5:

Devistator Warship has been tweaked.

The Mutant Marauders are much much more powerful.

Grenaders have been buffed.

PAC's has been buffed.

Engineers can now repair structures and aircraft via its drone.

GDI Battle Base is now stronger.

Rift takes more time now.

Orcas have more HP.

Nod Commando does much more damage. Costs more.

Mammoths have double the missiles.

Nod Soldiers do less damage and have more armour.

Nod Bikes can navigate cliffs.

New Unit - Catalyst Avatar, turns vehicles into more Catalyst Avatar.

Stealth Tanks cost less and build faster.

Silos store three times as much tiberium as before.

Some other stuff I forgot to document.

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