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Extract the mod folder to you C:Documents and SettingsUser NameMy DocumentsCommand & Conquer 3 Tiberium Warsmods
Then go to command and conquer control center, pres brouse game, go tod mods and start my mod



TRipod can shoot in air

All nod defences are now 5 turrets instead of 3
Nod turrets +2 engery use
Nod turrets now cost 50% more
This dont look like a increasment but is is. (price is now 150% and turret count 166.6%)

cranes can build defence buildings again


Nod Turrets larger build radius (by 33%)

Fixing Tiberium (Tiberium is now green:400 and blue:800)

Adding GDIRocketCommando

Added NodIONCannonDisruptionField

Adding Nod Mobile Battle Base

orca price from 1100 to 1300 and train time from 11 to 13


GDI Ion Power Plant

armor balance

Mammoth does now doest 750 damage from 500 (normal guns) railguns 1200 to 1600

Avatar now does 1700 damage from 1250 on normal laser
800 from 600 on beamcannon laser

Tripod now does 750 damage from 500 on all lasers

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