Mod: TALON Mod 1.2
This mod by the TALON Clan makes it so that units have to be diverse in order to win battles. See File Details.
  File Name:     Author: Admin
  File Size: 13.55 MB   Files Added: 11,489
  Downloads: 2,252 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 19,090,582 (27,366 last week)
  Posted: 07.01.2010   Supporters: n/a
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By ITzUKzRaPiiDz (I just got here) on Aug 11, 2010
INTERESTING MOD :D. i know a project that keep somebody busy is to make a mod where u can play as the unit (like a titan etc.) and also switch back to base building to make more units.. smilar to C&C Reborn(youtube it).. if anyone makes it i will be pleased =D
By bladeknight (I just got here) on Dec 07, 2010
Hello, Can u add some units from the C&C4 to C&C3 like GDI Kodiak or a NOD Leviathan? It's a shame how the game of tiberium universe ends with a lot of limitations which is not found in the early game.