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You may re-distribute this package as long as all initial files, including this Read me and all uncompiled files, are included.

You may freely use, modify and improve all the graphical assets for any
public mod as long as you give proper credits and it is not for any

Primary credit: Westwood (Model + Texture)

Secondary credit: Madin (Max rigging, shader work & sample codes)

It is assumed that you have a level of knowledge necessary to add this to your mod.

Texture files, W3X & XML files included.

Xml files are for guidance and suggested usage. Where I felt it appropriate comments have been added to the XMLs.

Includes portrait and button images.

Uses Westwoods public 'Rhino Tank' model from the never released Renegade 2.

*Warning!* The model in this pack was designed for the 'first-person' gaming environment.
(W3X view stats: 13,000 vertices, 10,000 polygons, 10 draw calls!)

Mess around with the code until you get the desired result!
Have fun!

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