Chaos League: Sudden Death Interview (PC)

Si: Hello, could you tell us little about yourself?
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Regis Robin: My name is Regis Robin and I'm the Chaos League game designer.
Si: How did the idea of the game arise?
Regis Robin: Despite this being France, several of the Cyanide team play American football, so we were drawn to it as a sports game. However, there are some heavyweights in the genre already !! From a video gaming point of view, the same people play plenty of heroic fantasy games. Plus, we all like Speedball....
Si: Who does the player become in the game?
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Regis Robin: The player is the coach/manager of a team. He builds it up and then controls each player on the field.
Si: Is there any plot behind it? or is it just a way to free some emotions?
Regis Robin: Like any sports game, the aim is to be the best. However, the Chaos League really comes into its own when the experience can be shared in multiplayer mode. It's much more fun to share player management with a couple of friends and beat the opposition of the park!!
Si: What are the possible ways to win a match?
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Regis Robin: Score more points. Of course, you can also kill off the opposition, but it's rare. You can seriously damage them, reducing their ability to score or defend.
Si: This is an add-on to Chaos League so what has changed?
Regis Robin: Here's a list of some things we've added :
- Mini, in-match, camera (to see what a player can see like FPS or see injury)
- New " illicit practices " : bonus bounty on an opponent to be taken out of the game
- 3 or 4 new grounds with influence of chosen ground on game play
- Weather conditions impact on game play
- 3 new races with specific game play
- Supporter tribes with their own spectator spells
- Improved and more varied AI
- Twice as many spells and skills
- New magic system
- Improved player management, with players under contract, ...
Si: Could you tell us more about magic in the game?
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Regis Robin: You can actually play without magic, but you wouldn't win ! SO magic is vital. There's a hundred or so spells with each team having access to 10 15 different spells. So there's plenty of variety. Some spells you cast on yourself or a team mate to increase performance/protection. Others are cast on opponents to weaken them. Others can be cast on the pitch. There's plenty to get to grips with, so this is why we emphasise the strategic side of the game!!
Si: The spectators are supposed to have some influence on course of the game. Could you describe it?
Regis Robin: Spectators require management. You can gain their support by some neat actions in a game or a player can fire up the crowd to turn it in favour of your team. Once you have them one your side they will procure you some advantages, but not for the whole match. The crowd also like action so if a player stands around doing nothing he get hits by spectator lightning. It keeps everybody on their toes!!

In the add-on (called "Sudden Death") a team can select its supporters from various clans. Each clan brings with it specific advantages.
Si: Is there any multiplayer?
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Regis Robin: As I said above, it's a vital part of Chaos League. It's possible to play one-on-one via LAN or the Internet in an online championship. It's also possible to play in online tournaments or in one-off matches on our ladder system.
Si: Thank you for your time at
Regis Robin: Thank you for your interest in Chaos League and Cyanide.


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