Civilization: Call to Power 2 Review (PC)

The single player game is 100% stable and you wont have problems there. But your game will tend to crack sometimes in multi-player environment. It is fun to play the game in multi-player, and easy.

The graphics aren't too bad at all, and the animations are well done.

You will start with almost nothing and will have to work your way up.

CTP2 has a variety of units from pikemens, lawyers to futuristically looking mechs. Also, there are tons of researchable technologies your empire can discover.

The game has a so called "replayability" factor and it is always fun to play a game from its nearly beginnings.

You wont need cheats for this game cause it has the worst Artificial Intelligence I've seen in one strategy game so far. I haven't figured out why those the game has more than one difficulty setting. It actually has 6 of them. The last one is called "impossible".

Impossible... The only impossible thing about CTP2 is that anybody is playing it. The first time I played the game on impossible setting I managed to develop a decent empire. No body was attacking so I took my army and went into search for the enemy. I stumbled directly into one enemy city. It was a medium sized city so I thought that it would be good defended. I attacked it and I saw three defenders fighting against my 12 attackers. They didn't have a chance. The next interesting thing was that nobody tried to take it over afterwards.

Bringing your civilization to the future is not very hard at all in this game...

Little historical tidbits will advance your civilization through the ages.

Top game moment: Quicklyy building a wonder just shortly before your enemy gets a chance to build his own, raining benefits on your civilization.

The bottom line is that the game isn't a bit challenging, and it doesn't make any sense to play an empire game in an environment where you won't have any real competition. If you wont to play a civ empire game buy "Alpha Centauri".

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