Mod: MOO2Civ 5.3
A Master of Orion mod for Civ 4 BtS
  File Name: MOO2Civ 5.3.exe     Author: JEELEN
  File Size: 92.27 MB   Files Added: 8
  Downloads: 3,457 (3 last week)   Author Downloads: 20,260 (11 last week)
  Posted: 16.04.2012   Supporters: 7 (+1 Add)
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By JEELEN (SI Member) on Apr 20, 2012
Last update to MOO2Civ mod, includes 8 new senarios (4 of which were released as MOO2Civ 5.2, in case anyone was wondering why I jumped from 5.1 to 5.3). ;)

Oh yeah, I tried adding the auto-launch button with the installer, but it seems not to be working...
By JEELEN (SI Member) on Jun 25, 2012
Secondary DL locations: and also!download|267p6|1563590626|MOO2Civ_5.3.exe|96751|0|0 (I´ve added these following reports about ´invalid data´ in the original file).