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Final Frontier Plus v1.8 by TC01 and God-Emperor

Final Frontier Plus is, as the name suggests, a modmod of Jon Shafer's Final Frontier mod/scenario included with Beyond the Sword. Unlike most of the existing Final Frontier modmods, it is not a total conversion; instead, it is an expansion of Final Frontier itself. The goals of the project are threefold.

The first goal is to significantly improve the speed and reliability of Final Frontier. Through a handful of merged speed mods, as well as countless bug fixes accumulated over the last few years, we have mostly accomplished this goal. Final Frontier Plus runs at nearly the speed of unmodded Beyond the Sword and has fixed almost all outstanding issues with the original mod-scenario. Future improvements will likely still occur over time, especially as more bugs may be unwittingly introduced.

The second goal is to make Final Frontier Plus a richer and more immersive experience than the Final Frontier scenario. As anyone who has played Final Frontier will likely realize, that mod is rather lacking in terms of content. This is an open-ended goal. Through the work of God-Emperor, many new features have been added to the game and the BUG interface has been overlaid over the Final Frontier interface. More work in this area of things is to come over time.

The third goal is to improve a modder's experience in modding Final Frontier. To do this, we have removed a number of hardcoded limitations from the Python code of Final Frontier, created a number of new XML tags as a result of the removal of such hardcoding, and finally generally cleaned up the original Final Frontier code. This too is an open-ended goal that currently has received more focus than adding new content (as it goes along with improving speed and reliability).

Final Frontier Plus is most certainly a work in progress. If you have a bug report, suggestion, request for help, offer of help, complaint, or any other reason to contact us for any reason, our development forum on Civfanatics is the place to do so:


v1.8 Changelog:
-Added Improved and Advanced tracking system promotions
-Added Predictive Algorithms promotion
-Added Warp Phase Modulator promotion allowing use of enemy routes
-Added Precision Instruments Maker building
-Added Hardened Shields promotion, allowing movement on nebulae
-Added Reduced Pirates game option to decrease pirate spawns
-Added Advanced Shielding technology as prereq for Fusion Weapons
-Adjusted technology costs for later-game techs
-Added tag allowing units to take less feature damage
-Adjusted healing promotions and free Starbase promotions
-Sevopedia no longer lists things with bGraphicalOnly set to 1
-Terrain info XML updated so only space terrain shows in pedia
-AI now uses missiles and squadrons, and missile/squadron transports
-AI now considers planet XML-related tags more
-Python AI handles construction ships and cities better


To install:

The mod has an executable installer (generated by an Inno script). You should only need to run the installer program to install the mod.

There are two versions of the installer. The full-download install contains everything needed to run Final Frontier Plus. The other installer contains only those files changed between Final Frontier Plus and Final Frontier, so it requires Final Frontier to still be on your computer.


Credits: These are probably not one hundred percent complete, especially the Help and Suggestions part. If you feel you should be credited here for something, please let me know and I'll be happy to add you.

Mod Team:

Contributors (Code or Art):
-deanej (bugfixes, ideas, help, mapscripts, wormhole graphics)
-Kiwikaz (feature effects code)
-cephalo (SpiralGalaxy mapscript)
-T-hawk (production overflow fix)
-stmartin and HoTK team (CAR mod)
-Sephi (various speed improvements)
-Valkrionn (Inno install script)
-The Navy Seal (Final Frontier resource art)
-ColdFever (blue marble graphics)
-Pep (Unit orders modcomp)
-BUG/BAT/BULL team (BUG 4.4)
-killmeplease (Defender Withdrawl modcomp)
-UncutDragon (Lead from Behind modcomp)
-TheLopez (Multiple Favorite Civics modcomp, Attack/Defense combat bonus mod)
-denev (Multiple Production modcomp

Help and Suggestions:
-davidlallen, Afforess, phungus420 (DLL help)
-The_J (python and graphics help)
-Emperor Fool (python help, SDK help)
-PieceOfMind (feedback)
-PsiCorps (suggestions, bug reports)
-dawe1311, wpulsar (bug reports)
-apenpaap (suggestions)
-JEELEN (suggestions)
-renegadechicken (suggestions)

-Jon Shafer for creating Final Frontier
-Firaxis/2K Games for making Civilization 4

Disclaimer: You may not hold any of the above responsible for any damage this mod does to your computer.

The chances of that are extremely remote. It hasn't damaged anyone's computer after over 2000 downloads. However, I'm putting this here just in case.

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