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The following map is an 4 player skirmish map set in yellowzone dessert
conditions. The playing area is devided by water bodies, plataus and
general elevation changes. The river texture that is used gives the
water a misty and icy feeling while slowly flowing in a circular way.
There are also redzone and yellowzone ground effects used throughout
the map to realy bring the map to life. The map is surrounded by
tiberium chasms, while the rest of the map is rounded off by ruins,
tents, trees, bushes and with some realy freaky sounds and white
fog, you will quickly get sucked in by the general elements of the map!!


4 green fields and 3 blue fields.
12 tib spikes
4 defensive towers
2 tiberium silos
4 civilian bunkers

**Who will win on this map?**

Well thats a bit tuff, but if you manage to get to the silos first,
you get a 5000 bonus, which could definately decide your fate. Also
the player who controls the center blue field will roll over all
the opponents.


This map is for Kanes Wrath



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