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On behalf of Loki, I have decided to re-release this co-op mission pack you guys once knew and played.

Used with permission, this re-release of this epic and awesome eight co-op mission pack for Boyle's Legacy created by Loki has been in doubt one of the best unofficial C&C3 campaigns ever. Unfortunately Loki didn't finish the future campaign maps and I never got the chance to finish this one either due to other projects. The first six co-op maps were developed for C&C3 and the last two were developed for Kane's Wrath. Those maps can be played by more than one player. All of them have been re-edited for zooming improvement and the seventh mission was mostly edited and finished by myself.

Place the folders with the maps in them according to the following OS:
Windows XP: C:Documents and Setttings"your user name"Application Data
Windows Vista or 7: C:Users"your user name"AppDataLocal

To start those maps, load them in the skirmish menu, not the custom maps menu. There are readme files by Loki for each map which describes the mission and where each faction will start at.

Enjoy this release!!

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