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Here is the Radar Tank. This is not used in my Generals mod but it will be used in my ZH Mod.

The Radar tank is alao avaliable to the public again like the Destroyer Tank I made along time ago.

You can modify the tank as you wish.

Its purpose:
Radar Vehicle.
Anti-Personnel Combat.
Can reveal many areas to scan for enemies.

How its made:
1. I made this Radar Tank with a beta GLA Scorpion with a modified Skin.
2. Added many parts from the Radar Van and Light Tank.

Who to install:
1. Make a folder named art.
2. Make two folders W3D and Textures
3. Place the W3D Files in W3D Folder
4. Place the Textures in Textures Folder.

Sorry About the wait. Code is now included.

Be sure to give credit in your credits. Or ask for it in my profile.

If you need any help, contact me on my MSN Address: LeeJackson25@MSN.C0M.

Tutorial Comming Soon.


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