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The Mapper guild brings professionally finished map packs to the command and conquer community.
We support The following games: Generals: Zero Hour, Renegade and Tiberium Wars, although our main focus is with Zero Hour. We are also trying to get some Tiberium Wars mappers in and also boost our current ZH mappers into TW mappers as well. Renegade maps are a rarity, but we do support them as well.
Many of our maps are made for compatibility with the Shockwave Mod.
We also support other mod projects under E-studios with professional maps.

Supported are also Dawn Of War mappers, but that section of the guild isn't big enough. so we have no material ready for that yet.

The completion status is, and always will remain at 0% , we are an ongoing project with many releases, and many more to come. we are a dedicated team of mappers, and will not disappear any time soon. our map packs don't have set intervals for release, but we have lots of material already available to download.

Please, enjoy your stay, visit the forums, and have fun playing our maps.

(In need of more mappers, apply at forums)
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