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Map Created by : Jacobis (my 2nd map!)


A very Fun 2v6 map. The middle of the map has a large advantage just because of the positioning and double the supplies. But don't let this get to you because the enemy can come up the hill from soo many different angles it's hard to keep it protected!

Good For 2v6 bot stomps. 2 ppl on top against 6 hard bots. Is usually very hard to win. I play it with the Contra 005 mod and it's always a challenge just to live.

Give it a try and tell me what you think!


extract it to a place on your desktop then
just put the "surrounded" folder in the MyDocuments / Command and Conquerer Generals Zero Hour Data / Maps folder.

"Legal: I give all permission to use my map however you desire. if you put it in a mod or anything like that, just leave my String file on it and that's it! i'd love to see it go in a mod, and I've personally tested it on several different ones. Works great on regular generals, or any mod!


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