Map: The Conflict Series + Wak files
Same 4 map pack, but with all the wak files included. This applies waves to all the maps that have water. Readme not available
  File Name: Conflict_Series_+_Wak.rar     Author: Shckr57
  File Size: 445 KB   Files Added: 5
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  Posted: 26.06.2008   Supporters: 27 (+1 Add)
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By Shckr57 (SI Core Member) on Jun 26, 2008
I created these maps, and just for the update, they do support AI. It is recommended to use hard, but that is just my preference. Also, I would recommend the mod called " Destructive Forces". Adds a wide variety of units, building, more generals, and overall better game play. These maps were designed with this mod in mind. Have fun. If any help is needed, feel free to tell me.