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Author: H-kon

2-player map for CWC, with full AI support. Advanced Skirmish map with convoys and two secondary objectives. The battle goes on in Europe, and the Soviets and USA will clash in the middle of this small lake town.


Put this folder in your Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour dataMaps folder.

Located under Documents and Settings. Remember to put the whole folder in your maps directory, otherwise it will not work!
It should look like this: "C:Documents and SettingsUsernameMy DocumentsCommand and Conquer Generals Zero Hour DataMaps"
In Mac:

ApplicationsCommand and Conquer GeneralsZero HourUser DataMaps

This is a 2 players map, it contains 8 flags and 7 fuel depots,
differing in size. That "guarantees" 1-2 flags each, and fighting for
the last four that are closer to the center. The map fully supports AI
players, and has both convoys and secondary objectives. This map does
not focus very much on town and city-fighting, as there are large areas
of open land, and almost all of the map is accesible with land units. There are a few emplacements of buildings
and small towns where some of the flags are, so you will be needing
your snipers/RPO/Mk19/BRDM-2

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