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-Settlers of Catan-

author : Kampy*
mail to:
or ICQ : 82273535
mapname: Settlers of Catan
size : tiny
game : Zero Hour
AI : yes (may not work sometimes)
betas : 1
players: 3


This map is meant to look like the
famous German boardgame
"Die Siedler von Catan"
(the settlers of catan)
If you dont know it and you like
boardgames - get it! ;)

You can play 1v1v1 or 2v1 on this map
I especially recommend 5000$ FFA.

There is oil in the middle of the map
and an artillery platform on the right.


(like every other ZH-map)
those files from the zip gotta be
in "my documents/C&C ZeroHour Data/maps/"
in a foulder which is exactly like the
name of the map (Settlers of Catan).

copyright stuff:

dont sell this map in any way,
dont change it (!!) or use it in any mods
without my permission. if you have any
questions then email me or use ICQ.

have fun :D
and dont forget to visit
for more maps

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