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Iraqhistan (AoD)

author : Kampy*
mail to:
or ICQ : 82273535
mapname: Iraqhistan (AoD)
game : Zero Hour
players: 2 (+1 computer)

(like every other ZH-map)
those files from the zip gotta be
in "my documents/C&C ZeroHour Data/maps/"
in a foulder which is exactly like the
name of the map "Iraqhistan (AoD)".

In-Game Configuration:
first and second position in the game-room
need to be the human players. Third must be
the computer. All three must be standard GLA.
You dont need to team up or set money.
Everything is done for you.

Game Difficulty:
the difficulty of the AI will determine
the skill level of the map.

Pro Tip:
If you beat the enemy without losing
having the village in the middle damaged
there will be a cooler outro :)

copyright stuff
dont sell this map in any way,
dont change it or use it in any mods
without my permission. if you have any
questions then email me or use ICQ.

have fun :D
and dont forget to visit
for more maps

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