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- Capture Europe -

author : Kampy*
mail to :
or ICQ : 82273535
mapname : Capture Europe
beta tests : 8.2
game : Zero Hour
players : 1


This is a single player mission in
which you take the role of the USA
and recapture Europe which has been
taken over by the GLA.

Capture Europe is a campaign with
five consecutive missions. You will
find the mission under:
Single player - Skirmish - Maps

The basis of this map is the 3v3
multiplayer map "Europa (remix)"
also made by me. You can download
it from my homepage.

put the map files (map, tga, str)
in "my documents/C&C ZeroHour Data/maps/"
in a foulder which is exactly like the
name of the map (Capture Europe).
Put the BIK file in the folder:
"\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\Data\English\Movies"
You can overwrite the original file. It's an unimportant unused video.
If you want to keep it rename or move the existing file and
put it back after having played the map.

For the German Version of the game (für die deutsche Version):
Der Ordner in den die BIK Datei soll, heißt vermutlich Deutsch\Movies,
aber ich habe das nicht getestet, da ich die englische Version habe.

copyright stuff
as the creator of this map say:
dont sell this map in any way,
dont change it (!!) or use it in any mods
without my permission. if you have any
questions then email me.

If you like this map also try
"Iraqhistan (AoD)"
a 2-player mission which you
can download from my homepage.

have fun :D
and dont forget to visit
for more maps

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