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This is the next installment of the Zero Hour Unleashed line. All details are included in the readme. Do note that this is the smallest download size to date, despite having more in it. Enjoy

ZERO:HOUR Unleashed makes the game a lot more realistic and balanced wherever possible. I have made the tank's armor more proportionate to various attacks, and infantry vulnerable to tank and artillery fire. This mod is an .ini only mod, which means that there will be no new units. However, the mod is still very fun to play.

All of the units have better, more proportionate weapons ranges. They are more realistic to the unit's specific properties, such as price, speed, and weapon capabilities. For instance, the Crusader tank has the best properties of the normal-sized tanks, the Battlemaster is best all around, and the Scorpion tank has worst stats of all. Because these tanks are now so different, they are balanced in their price, build times, and other factors.
This goes for all units, as they would be in real life (infantry, planes, and the like)

Here's a list of features and/or planned changes for the mod:
More range
More vulnerable to rockets and shells
Less vulnerable to small arms fire and toxins
Performance has more variety and is closer to proportionate for each

More vulnerable to tank and artillery fire
Rocket soldiers better against vehicles
Capture-buildings ability comes standard.

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