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ModX 3.0 for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour(by Maxi):

Installation Instructions

option 1:
1. extract the contents of the zip file into My DocumentsCommand and Conquer Generals Data
2.- Make a new shortcut in your desktop on the target field add this
-quickstart -mod _ModX3.0.big (there is a space after the ")
-example: "C:Program FilesEA GamesCommand & Conquer Generals Zero Hourgenerals.exe" -quickstart -mod _ModX3.0.big
3.- now you can start zh with this shortcut to run the mod
use the default to run the original game.

option 2:
1. Put the "_ModX3.0.big" into your zero hour directory

to uninstall just delete "_ModX3.0.big"

This mod adds a new faction named "Cyber Tech Corporation", which comes up with a good many of
units, buildings and special powers. Actually this Mod isn't really balanced. With the high costs of
some units I tried to even out the firepower of them to make it as balanced as possible.
Cyber Tech Corporation has:
- three innovative superweapons
- ultra modern Mechs whereas some of them are incredible regarding to their firepower and their abilitys
- tanks which are everything but not typical
- altogether 5 Hero units - eachone with very special abilitys

enjoy and have fun!!!

your feedback is very important to me. please email me at

IMPORTANT: I agree that this mod can be provided for download on every website!
This modification can be used by another modification as long as credit is given.
Every content in this mod, which comes from other modifications is legally and with
full permission of the respective owner added to this Mod.

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