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Author: ScreamingCricket

Vietnam | Glory Obscured is a total conversion for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that aims to simulate warfare during the Vietnam War.

Different factions are the United States Of America (USA), North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and the Vietcong (VC); all complete with realistic units from the time period. Maps aim to recreate the feel of strategy within Vietnam, with emphasis on using the jungle to your advantage. Custom trees create realistic jungles that camouflage infantry for ambushes, only allowing infantry to pass through thick areas blocking ground based units unless your burn a path with Napalm or Agent Orange.

Starting with nine different infantry types per side puts infantry at the focus of the mod. All vehicles support the infantry as they would in real life; similarly, infantry must support vehicles for an assault to be successful. Units such as the Marine Force Recon soldier has the ability to radio in Artillery Strikes, while Marine Snipers can hide in trees waiting for the perfect kill and Combat Medics can revive fallen soldiers.

The mod also features naval units, such as PBR boats and Hovercrafts, as well as massive capturable ships such as the USS New Jersey battleship, so assaulting the enemy opens up more strategic options than before. Insert Green Berets by chopper to set up a minefield to thin the enemy forces out, or assault directly with a mixed ground and air force supported by heavy artillery. Fast rope your troops in through the jungle canopy to prevent them being massacred at a hot LZ.

Use local villages to your advantage by taking them over, control local Berlesk Houses to increase your revenue, set up Fire Bases around supply dumps or burn them all to the ground using Incendiary White Phosphorus Bombs. If your forces are being over run, signal "Broken Arrow" to call all available aircraft to help.

This mod aims to have things realistic, while keeping it fun to play at the same time. Infantry will blow apart when hit with explosives, they will bleed when hit, tanks or explosives are needed to destroy buildings, units with amphibious capabilities in real live will be able to enter the water, whores will be in local villages, thick jungles will conceal infantry and if you don't use a mixed assault force, you're almost certain to fail.

This style of gameplay has never before been seen in Command and Conquer Generals, and makes for a whole new experience. This is Vietnam | Glory Obscured.

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