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Authors: Phantom Clan Development

Expanded wars is for command and conquer generals: Zero Hour,

it adds
3 new sides and 9 new generals while at least adding 1 or more thing to the others

You will be able to command new powers such as laser bombardment, Neutron bombs,
and upgrade your superweapon using a generals power, You can be promoted 7 times in expanded wars to allow a new line of units to be enlisted into your sides army.

Expanded wars is being pushed on to the next level of battle with new unit abilities. Almost every unit will have a ability coming to the third major release (AKA : Expanded Wars : Galactic War)

Expanded wars : The Sith Rising

it has the complete side of the sith army at your disposal with all the other new things to CNC:gen:ZH

Install: put the art and audioXH.big files in your ZH directory. then put the files in the english folder in your english foler and then put audio and INI folders in your ZH/Data/ folder.

And that should do it. have fun playing expanded wars : The sith rising from all of us at PCD

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