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Author: Mere_Mortal

This mod is compatible only with Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour and has only been tested on the retail releases of Deluxe (patched to 1.4) and First Decade (built as 1.4). Due to code being used that is not supported by, this mod is not compatible with the original Generals version.

The mod is currently at version 0.6.0 of the Beta Phase, with no final release date anticipated. It might be that one day I'll get bored with it, but then again I always seem to start hacking away it every now & then and most of the time I surprise myself with what I achieve. Whatever happens, I will certainly release an Alpha version eventually.

The basic idea of this mod is essentially to allow the best of what is already available in Zero Hour to be accessible to a newly created faction, namely "Armageddon", which is available at the skirmish setup screen. All original factions and generals have not been altered. There are also many additions, mostly my own concepts but includes a few others that I've come across over the years. I've been working on this for some time now, not constantly, but nonetheless there is a good 5 years' worth of experience involved. I have made this mod on my own, no outside help except for a few concepts, models and bits of code that I've adapted, as well as the invalauble resources, tutorials and posts at Generals/Zero Hour related forums such as FileFront and Deezire. As well as doing the general coding that is involved in any modification, I have also took great care in the layout of the files and their contents. I fully believe that my coding is, aside of knowledge of course and the lack of ability to manipulate the core, far superior than what EA produced. Their INI files are generally cluttered with pointless comments that should have been removed before shipping and make the files very hard to read (I'd say the total space used by all comments may well be 2 or 3 megabytes). They also have a bad habit of applying code that is completely unnecessary and in some cases they have duplicate code that is also avoidable. I have also made reality a few theories and enabled existing things that should have made it into the original game, as well as fixed one of the most soul-destroying bugs that has ever graced online gaming. Learn a lesson EA and see how I've done it.

I still endeavour to create a decent tech tree, but I either get half way through and fall asleep or start rambling about something that doesn't even have anything to do with the game, let alone the mod. In any case, here's a brief of the most important elements Armageddon has to offer...

DOZER Has three command sets to build about 30 structures.
DEFENCE TURRET Base unit to start with, choice of turrets to finish it off. Current turret can be destroyed to allow for a new one. (Bugged - not affected by low power, haven't managed to fix this yet)
BURNING BARRIER Recoded and enabled. Can be turned on & off at the press of a button. Buggy, it can't be repaired too easily and a lot of them can lag.
HOSPITAL Infantry must enter to be healed. Builds the Ambulance, comes with 3 Medics (which in turn heal nearby infantry when roaming).
SUPPLY All faction supply facilities available, as well as the Oil Derrick.
INTERNET CENTER Lotus can now hack the Internet so she can enter this structure too. All other infantry can enter so as to be trained upto heroic. This costs and is configured according to the unit's cost and experience requirements.
DETENTION CAMP Enabled. This comes with a PoW Truck and is replaced if destroyed. The truck can turn enemy units into a PoW on collision. The PoW can be returned to the depot where it is replaced with an otherwise unbuildable variant of the Saboteur.
COLD WAR BUNKER Tunnel Network. Strong, can withstand quite a pounding. Provides 5 power.
TECH Strategy, Propaganda Center and Palace all available. Each provide their own faction's upgrades, whilst the Black Market and Airfield also have some.
NUC. POW. PLANT That huge thing you've probably seen in a China mission. Provides 50 power and is required for advanced Super Weapons.
COMMS CENTER Required for Special Powers. HQ does not command specials (except spy scan/drone), this structure is instead needed in order to use them.
PENTOGRIM The SDI from Hell. Fires one massive beam, can destroy a Command Center.
NUKE SILO The American ICBM silo, fires the standard Nuke.
TOMAHAWK STORM Similar to the Scud Storm, but fires Tomahawks instead.
BAIKONUR ML Recoded version of the civilian structure. Vastly improved Nuke detonation.
SUPER SCUD SL Vastly improved version of the original Scud Storm. Can destroy an entire base.

DRONES Scout, Battle, Hellfire and Sentry Drones all available from the HQ.
HACKERS Hackers now fire a "weapon" that instead hacks the Internet, as does Lotus. This allows for the Heroic rate-of-fire, Nationalism & Patriotism horde and Frenzy bonuses to have an effect. Lotus can horde with one or more China infantry unit and also passes the Frenzy bonus to all nearby infantry.
COMBAT BIKE All infantry can use it. I will probably allow only GLA infantry to use it because there can be only one voice per each parameter, but we don't want GLA voices for other faction based units. We certainly don't want Lotus using male voices. Note: Abilities removed due to unavoidable bug.
TANKS Quad, Scorpion and Marauder all built with weapon upgrades. Overlord and Emperor built with all upgrades. Emperor is now a "Laser Lord". A bit too powerful in all honesty, even with a max build of two apiece they can still ravage and entire battlefield without much of a scratch.
NUKE TRUCK Free postal delivery of one Baikonur bomb. No stamps or post code required.
AIRCRAFT Comanche no longer has the rockets upgrade, this has been passed to the Black Hawk. The latter can hold 6 infantry and rappel them, can also collect supplies. Osprey is a large transport unit and can gather a large amount of supplies at a time, takes a while though to collect and deliver. Thunderbolt now available. Helix built with all upgrades. All Aircraft affected by armour and countermeasure upgrades, as well as some other faction-specific upgrades.

SPECIALS All Special Powers and other sciences available. All specials that normally require three upgrades (such as Barrage, A10, etc) now only need one. In addition we have the Terror Cell, Napalm Strike, Gas Bomb and Nuke Drop. We have a major development, the Teleport function available to the Sneak Attack. The structure itself has its own Special Power that can transport all tunnel occupants to any given location on the map. I believe this was previously thought to be impossible, but in fact I have it working perfectly. For those that are interested, I accomplished this by spawning an OverlordContain into the original tunnel and also another object into the second container. This third object also has a TunnelContain module. Ultimately, this all causes some kind of weird bug that allows for this teleportation to occur when the OverlordContain object is deleted (as opposed to being killed or sold). Don't ask me how exactly it works, I really don't know. I had an idea in my head and somehow got it working.

In addition to the above, there is also a critical change that I've made. This is actually the only alteration I've made to any of the original code, everything else that is not related to the Armageddon faction has been left intact. I have successfully fixed the Scud Storm and Supply Drop Zone Bugs, it is not possible to exploit them with this mod in place. I have also fixed the Tunnel, Gattling and Patriot Weapon Bugs that affect Generals, but no need to apply it here because they don't affect Zero Hour. As for the Tunnel Bug, that is already fixed in ZH and can also be applied to Generals in order to fix it. Why, oh why these were not fixed in 1.8 and 1.4 is beyond me (if not before), it took me no time at all to figure out these fixes so EA have either overlooked it or they have simply not been bothered with doing anything about it.

Finally - many thanks for viewing the profile and especially if you've tried the mod, even more so if you like it. Please pass your vote for this mod and post any comments, recommendations, bug reports or anything else you feel is necessary, the feedback is very important.

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