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Author: Dragune

I have suceeded in fixed most of the bugs and have released alphas and betas to my friends to test, they have been impressed so I have decided to release it.

This mod adds 15 new generals YES 15!

-Airforce General - Loads of fixes here most notibly the defences didnt detect stealth uh oh
-USA Naval General
-Commander in Chief
-Assault General
-Cybernetic General NEW
-USA Special Forces -NEW Hmm need advice if this is overpowered or not

China: MASSIVE BUG FIXED - you used to get 1 defector per properganda centre which could equal to a unfair advantage, this has now been fixed.
-Tank & Naval General
-Commander in Chief - See for yourself =)
-Artillery General - Fixed major bug with this one
-Napalm General
-China Hijacker General (Boss - Balanced)

-Stealth General - fixed slowdowns
-United Arabs - fixed more gla power bugs and loads more
-GLA Civilians NEW
-Toxic General - Fixed major slowdown and imbalances added a MUCH better superweapon =)

Only Major bug left is the AI which is mostly broken some work fine though.

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